Search and Replace Tab

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Core functionality of ReplaceMagic is to do replacements of search/replace string pairs in found documents and this is done over Search&Replace tab.

Process is that first you need to define starting scan folder over "Scan documents" tab. There are multiple options to select where you want to make scan of documents.

Remark: if you go straight to Search&Replace without previously doing "Scan Documents" ReplaceMagic will start "Ultra fast scan" which will only list documents that are about to be processed without really opening them. No information about document(s) content will be shown in any of other tabs.

After selecting folder(s) or document(s) you need to set document types that you want to scan. When document scan is finished you can go to Search&Replace tab to provide search/replace string(s) and to start replacement process.

In case that you skip document scan and go directly to Search&Replace ReplaceMagic will first scan documents (this is automatic process) and then proceed with replacements.

Once when document are scanned and you see them in Scan documents tab ReplaceMagic will not scan them again. Scanning is kind of preparation process which will provide information about documents and their content and give you first impression (by checking result tabs) what kind of links you have.

By pressing button Active Documents during replacement process you will see list of currently open documents.