Trial vs. Full Version

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Trial version comes with limitation that replacements will work only on around 10% of scanned documents and that is for for 30 days after first ReplaceMagic start. Scanning of documents will always work without any limitations.

From ReplaceMagic ver. 2022.1 if you select Replace Preview option in Search & Replace form ReplaceMagic will report all changes which would be done if you have license without saving them. This will give you impression of what will be replaced according to your search & replace strings before you decide to make license purchase.

After replacement run was executed once and some changes are done you will need to close ReplaceMagic and start again if you want to continue testing replacements.

For test we recommend that you create folder with at least 50 documents so that 5 documents (10%) are really fully processed. Btw. scan will always be 100% but replacement will be done in 10% of found documents.

When you purchase ReplaceMagic you will get license key which will remove all limitations that trial version has.