ReplaceMagic Configuration

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ReplaceMagic Configuration is done over "Configuration" button:


Configuration is split on different tabs:

  • Configuration - here you can configure core options of ReplaceMagic (for example, number of parallel documents to be processed)
  • Processing - consists of options that will be directly used during processing of documents
  • Document Properties - used to control which document properties will be shown in Scan document results grid and be included in export. Number of fields will be extended constantly
  • Security - consists of options to be used in case that documents are password protected
  • Exports - consists of options that have influence on export functionality
  • Logs - under this tab you can configure what should ReplaceMagic do with log files
  • SharePoint 1 & SharePoint 2- used to set parameters important during direct connection with documents stored on SharePoint
  • Notifications - used to set configuration for email notifications (currently only Command Mode run)
  • Misc - placeholder for additional configuration not fitting to any other tab

All options are described below.