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  • Import Separator - set what will be splitter between Search&Replace and Password strings. In case that you have | as a separator then in import files strings should be in format SearchString|ReplacementString
  • Find documents Import Separator - set what will be separator between fields in Find Documents export file
  • ReplaceMagic Theme - select design for your ReplaceMagic installation between 16 different themes
  • Parallel document processing - this setting configures number of documents that ReplaceMagic will process in parallel. This number is limited by hardware power (CPU, memory, IO) and on each computer can be different. Default is 4 but you can experiment and change this number based on hardware usage during processing. Keep in mind that more does not mean faster - if you set 100 but your computer can process only 20 there will be a lot of CPU waits. Use Task Manager to check hardware usage. We also added information how many logical processors you have.
  • Decrease workload during SharePoint throttling? - if this parameter is set ReplaceMagic will start to reduce workload (number of parallel documents for processing) until not reaching 1 document at the same time or until SharePoint does not stop to throttle processing (no new error message 429 - too many requests are shown)
  • Optimize workload ... after every ... documents - if this parameter is selected ReplaceMagic will try to increase workload (number of documents for parallel processing) until not reaching hardware capacity (for example, 8 on our test computer ). Default value: 100
  • SharePoint workload safety belt - in case that ReplaceMagic should optimize workload to use maximum what current hardware can do with this parameter we are controlling that when processing is done against SharePoint we do not use more than 8 documents in parallel to reduce risk that ReplaceMagic is throttled by SharePoint. In case your hardware has more than 8 threads and you are using "Optimize workload..." we are recommending to using this parameter:
  • Ignore Web Logon limit - Per default ReplaceMagic will not allow parallelism higher than 4 documents in case of Web Logon authentication mode. By setting this parameter this limit will be ignored.
  • Clear WebView cache - by selecting this option ReplaceMagic will empty WebView component cache (created if WebLogon was used to login on SharePoint). If cache is deleted, next time when trying to connect to SharePoint you will need to enter credentials.
  • Suppress Warning - by setting this ReplaceMagic will show limited number of warnings. This option should be set only if you are experienced ReplaceMagic user.
  • Enforce memory cleanup => by setting this parameter ReplaceMagic will do memory garbage collection every 100 processed documents reducing used memory.
  • Enable results filtering => by setting this after processing result grids will have in first row filter fields where you can define what will be visible. This does not have impact on export as it is always complete no matter on set filter.
  • File size in => used to set in which units file size will be shown in Scan document tab results.
  • Processing time in => used to set time unit of measure for total processing time shown in scanning or replacement dashboard
  • Progress bar alignment => possibility to set alignment of text in progress bar
  • % of memory used when running ReplaceMagic => used to set % of total memory that can be used during ReplaceMagic processing. This counts memory used by ReplaceMagic but also all other processes running. Parameter is introduced to protect that ReplaceMagic does not load too many documents which will fully use memory as this will have performance impacts. For example, in case that you set this parameter to 90 and total used memory is above that value ReplaceMagic will not open new documents until memory is not below this parameter. Memory reduction can happen if document processing is done and memory is released or "Maximum document processing time" parameter value is reached and ReplaceMagic stops processing affected document(s) as that will close memory consumption.

We do not recommend to reduce this parameter to less than 80%. On computers with 8GB (or less) recommendation is to keep parameter to 100.

  • Maximum time to process document - this parameter will instruct ReplaceMagic to close processing of every document which is started for more than selected number of seconds. This is triggered only in case that there are no threads to start new document processing (message: "Processing opened documents..." or "Waiting on free memory..."
  • Wait time to close document processing - this parameter instructs ReplaceMagic to wait X seconds before it shows processing results. All documents that were still in process when timeout is reached will be written to AdditionalInfo tab.
  • Skip files bigger than ... MBytes - in case that some value <>0 is set ReplaceMagic will skip files bigger than that value.
  • Show scanning dashboard => after scanning is done ReplaceMagic will show dashboard with different data like overview of scanned document types or similar
  • Add docs age stats to scanning dashboard => by setting this (btw. Show scanning dashboard has to be enabled) you'll see split of all documents at selected location according to create, last accessed and last modified date
  • Show replacement dashboard => after replacement process ReplaceMagic will show dashboard with replacement overview
  • "Re-read configuration after XXX documents" => parameter which is controlling if configuration file should be red during documents processing. Currently, ReplaceMagic works in a way that it will read configuration file when you start ReplaceMagic. With this change you can change configuration during processing and after defined number of documents ReplaceMagic will re-read configuration file and pickup new values. For this to work during processing parameter has to be enabled before you start with processing.
  • Fast Calendar Step - with this parameter you can set how many months ReplaceMagic will move when pressing << or >> in form used to set date filters. Default is 12 months.
  • Auto close after silent run - when this parameter is selected and ReplaceMagic is started with command line file (xml file) application will be closed after processing is completed.