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  • Password to open document - some documents are password protected; to open them you need a password; use this field to assign password which ReplaceMagic will use when it finds password-protected document
  • Password to change document - some documents have "change mode" password; use this field to provide password that ReplaceMagic will use to unprotect documents 
  • Password Import - in case that you have list of passwords, for different documents, you can upload it here and ReplaceMagic will try each of provided password to unprotect processed documents


Search for file with passwords. They have to be in text (ASCII) file in following format:

    • OpenDocumentPassword|UnprotectDocumentPassword
    • For example:
      • My first password to open|my first password to unprotect
      • My second password to open|my second password to unprotect
    • Import Separator from Configuration tab will be used as a separator of passwords
    • After you select password(s) file click on Import Passwords button and you right hand side you will see all imported passwords
    • After clicking on OK button you will get confirmation message and will be back to configuration form


  • Try multiple passwords - to enable ReplaceMagic to use imported list of password this option has to be set.
  • After activating this feature ReplaceMagic will always try all imported passwords when it tries to open password protected document. If none of passwords is correct document will be reported as unavailable.
  • In case that fields "Password to open document" and "Password to change document" are empty ReplaceMagic will skip password protected documents saving some time as they will not be tried to be opened.