SharePoint remarks - Lists

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Few comments related to:

1. From ReplaceMagic 4.7.6 we are supporting changes in links in documents stored in Document Libraries or attachments to list items, SharePoint Wiki and Canvas pages (content is stored in SharePoint database).

There are some rules:

  1. List items can have following configuration:

    1. Content Approval = off and Versioning = off

      In that case ReplaceMagic can keep last modification date and last list item editor (all SharePoint versions).

    2. Content Approval = on

      In this case ReplaceMagic can keep last modification date, last list item editor and approval status but if list item was in Approved status version will increase as when we make change SharePoint will change status to Pending and increase version number so when we re-approve list item again it will get new version. Basically, there is no way to change Approved status without changing version.

    3. Versioning = on

    4. Content Approval = on and Versioning = on

Remark: Parameter "Keep "Last modified date" and "Editor" values" will always work for lists stored in SharePoint Online. Lists but not for on-prem versions of SharePoint as there those fields will be always updated. In both cases ReplaceMagic cannot keep approval or publishing (version) status of list items.

In case that this is important do not use ReplaceMagic to make changes in list items and discussion boards.