Steps to scan files

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First thing that you have to do when you start ReplaceMagic is to scan folders for documents.

By scanning folders you will see list of all found documents.

To do this you will need to:

1.     Define where you want to search for files

2.     Define do you want to do search in sub folders


3.     Set document types that you would like to scan 

4.     Click on "Scan documents" button to start scanning


After scanning is finished you will see list of results


and by clicking on any of entries in list you will open form with list of links that are found.


Scan process is important as ReplaceMagic will use found documents as a basis for later replacement process.

From version 4.0.7 at the end of scanning you will have results summary form if this option is selected over Configuration (Show scanning summary):


ReplaceMagic can be used also directly without scanning and if you start immediatelly with replacement process RM will anyway first scan documents.