Scan documents Tab

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Scan documents Tab is used:

  • to select location of your documents
  • to set document types you are looking for
  • to set do you want to check also subfolders
  • to select do you want that we process documents older than "Last modified date" or "Last accessed date" ("Skip files older than" option)
  • to import list of previously found documents (Import files button)
  • to see scan result
  • to empty results list
  • to export results list
  • to start search
  • to check which documents are currently processed (button Active Documents)

Icons are used to select location where you are going to do search.

is used if you ant to select some particular document(s) (for more information click here)

is for selecting single folder(for more information click here)

is used to select multiple folders (for more information click here)

is used for native SharePoint connectivity (for more information click here)