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If you click on "Export List" button you will open form where you can set how export should be done. Depending on export document type you will have different methods to create export file:


and afterwards file dialog where you can choose location where you want to save document:


This file can be saved in CSV, Excel, PDF or HTML file format. 

Over Configuration you can choose file format (Unicode or ASCII).

If none of checkboxes is selected ReplaceMagic will export only content of Scan Documents tab.

If "Make export for "Import files" (only for CSV) will prepare export in a way that later this document can be imported.

In case of "Single export file (all scan information split on different sheets)" will pull information from all tabs (Scan documents, Hyperlinks, OLE Links, Link Sources and Pivot Tables) and put them in separate sheets (in case of Excel or HTML). In case of CSV and PDF all information will be saved one after other.

In case of "Single export file (all scan information merged in one sheet) " will pull information from all tabs (Scan documents, Hyperlinks, OLE Links, Link Sources, Pivot Tables and Additional Info) and put them consolidated in one document.

If you are running ReplaceMagic over documents stored in SharePoint if you select option to export found files so that you can import them later for further processing SharePoint scan requires that export is done with following options:

Two export files will be created: one for content of scan documents grid and second which will contain data necessary to run ReplaceMagic over imported SharePoint documents.

It is important that when you start import both files are in same location and that their names are not changed. To start import select document without SP_ prefix.

Remark - Error mesage during export - if after upgrade of ReplaceMagic, when you try to make export, you are getting error message, most likely, root cause is that you reorganized columns of results table and as we added new fields ReplaceMagic is missing them. Solution for this is to go to c:\users\username\appdata\roaming\replacemagic and delete file gridFindDocumentsLayout.xml. Unfortunately, you will need to run scan again to be able to export files.