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As ReplaceMagic offers options to export everything what is part of result tables and it also offers option that you import previously scanned documents.

This might be used in case that for any reason you stopped processing of documents and now you want to continue without to scan documents again.

To import list click on "Import files" and navigate to location where you previously exported scan document results:

By choosing import files all files found there will be imported in list of files.


To enable import of documents stored on SharePoint you will also need to select "Import files scanned on SharePoint" but before that please connect over


to the location where your previously scanned documents are.

SharePoint "Keep "Last modified date" and "Modified by" values" and import of previously scanned documents - In case that you are using parameter "Keep "Last modified date" and "Modified by" values" processing is following:

  • when ReplaceMagic connects to SharePoint application will make reference to logon user ID
  • during export of scanned documents in field Editor you can find userID of last person modifying document 
  • during import ReplaceMagic will check if user exists and if yes then application will set back ModifiedBy to that user
  • if for any reason user does not exist default SharePoint behavior is that user will be removed from ModifiedBy leaving it empty. To avoid that ReplaceMagic will change from not existing user to user running ReplaceMagic (thus first point where reference to logon userID is made). In case that current userID does not exist (should not happen) ReplaceMagic will set back original userID of non-existing user so SharePoint will "empty" ModifiedBy field.
  • Important: In case of this parameter usage all exports of SharePoint scanned documents created prior to version 2020.7.1 will not work so you will need to make them again. To avoid complete scanning go to Configuration => Processing and select parameter "Ultra fast document scan [no extra data]" as that will just create list of documents without reading their content.

Processing of imported files will work also for SharePoint documents but not for SharePoint list items.

In case that import does not work most likely you have in export file some characters that are used by ReplaceMagic as a separator. Configuration of separators can be found if you click on Configuration: