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  • Prefix if starts with - if link, which should be checked, is starting with this parameter ReplaceMagic will prefix in front of it value of "Relative Link Prefix"
  • Relative Link Prefix - in case that ReplaceMagic finds relative link starting with what is entered under parameter "Relative Link Prefix" ReplaceMagic will use value from this field to append in front of matching link
  • Links checker - log writer - by selecting this option ReplaceMagic will write in log file every link where append happened. You'll find entry like:
    Links checker log writer -> Original link: Address, link with append (to be checked): appendLink
  • Slash Conversion
    • Slash to backslash - in case of conversion if link has slashes they will be converted to backslashes and link with this format will be checked
    • Backslash to slash - in case of conversion if link has backslashes they will be converted to slashes and link with this format will be checked
  • Remove parameter(s) - used if you want that ReplaceMagic removes some of URL parameters. This is interesting in case that you are moving from SharePoint to SharePoint where there might be references to old documentID which will not work anymore. By specifying d=, ReplaceMagic will remove d parameter and its value from URL. In screenshot above, beside parameter d=, ReplaceMagic will also remove parameter p=. Replacement is not case-sensitive which means that if d= or D= is found both will be replaced. Removal of parameters will work only in Office and PDF documents.

Remark: changes here will not make changes of your links as this conversion is used only for "check broken link" functionality. In case that links should be replaced this has to be done, like until now, through replacement process!