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  • Keep "Last modified date" and "Modified by" values => in case that you want to keep SharePoint properties you'll have to select this option. This will instruct ReplaceMagic to keep last modified date and name of person making last changes.
    If this is not done after making replacement in your documents you'll see that last modification date is changed to date and time when ReplaceMagic made change and that ModifiedBy is changed to the user that you used to login to SharePoint from ReplaceMagic. 
    If this option is selected and ReplaceMagic is making changes we will keep all original last modified date and ModifiedBy data.
    Important remarks: 
    • ReplaceMagic can keep original SharePoint data only if user used to login to SharePoint from ReplaceMagic belongs to Site Administrator collection. This is limitation of SharePoint.
    • In case that you want to import previously scanned documents ModifiedBy value cannot be set back to original value and this field will be updated with user data of person running ReplaceMagic. In other words if you want to keep ModifiedBy value do not use import files functionality.

  • Should ReplaceMagic check-out/check-in documents? - by selecting this option ReplaceMagic will check-out all documents that we are accessing during replacement process and check them in after replacement is done. This will ensure that documents are block for changes of other users during ReplaceMagic processing. 

  • Clear WebView cache - WebView is used to login to SharePoint (popup appearing after trying to connect to SharePoint) and its cache can grow. To allow cache clear-up, this button is added.

  • Try to change checked-out document(s) - by selecting this option if ReplaceMagic is accessing some document that is check-out by some user, ReplaceMagic will try to make change of a document. This works only if user used by ReplaceMagic belongs to Site Admin group. Comment: there is risk that check-out owner later overwrites changes done with ReplaceMagic.

    In case that this option is not selected and we try to access some of checked-out documents that document will appear in list of not processed documents with comment "Document checked-out by SOME_USERNAME and cannot be changed!". This will give you enough information to understand what is the user blocking document for processing in case that you want to contact that person. 

  • Query Row Check (ReplaceMagic default value: 4900, no more than 4900 files can be read in one pass; use this fields to set your configured limit)
    Per default SharePoint is not allowing that more than 5000 list items are shown/selected. To go around this limitation you'll have to set this parameter specifying when should we merge selection results. This means, if default of 5000 documents is configured, ReplaceMagic will return list of documents in sets of 5000 and always append one set to previously read list of documents. This will allow that we can access also libraries with more than 5000 documents without any limits.

    Btw. as this parameter is configurable please check with your SharePoint administrators to what value you should set this parameter!

  • (Retired from 2021.5 - ReplaceMagic will automatically take care to keep same status like before processing) - Keep content approval status? - in case that your document library has selected setting "Require content approval for submitted items?" ReplaceMagic can keep document approval status. This means if documents where with status like Approved, Rejected... we will keep them. As SharePoint API does not allow that approval is changed in the name of some other users if this option is selected we cannot keep "Last Modified Date" and "Editor" data. Those values will be always overwritten with change time stamp and username of person who is running ReplaceMagic.

  • (Retired from 2021.5 - ReplaceMagic will automatically take care to keep same status like before processing) - Keep published status? - in case that SharePoint document library has setting:

    if this option is not selected all changed documents will go into minor version and will be unpublished. In case if you set this option documents with minor version will stay in minor version and documents in major version (which are published and visible) will stay in major version. Keep in mind that due to SharePoint API we cannot keep old major version number (it will increase) and we cannot keep last modified date and editor data. 

  • Set versioning? - if you enable versioning for your SharePoint document libraries we can, based on SharePoint settings, make appropriate changes as set in ReplaceMagic. If you select that you want to keep version number this can be done as long as "keep published status" is not selected as in that case if you have major version version number will be increased due to SharePoint API.

  • All SharePoint Libraries? - by setting this on ReplaceMagic will try to access all SharePoint locations. This means that we can change also system files (like .ASPX) so be extremely careful as you might damage SharePoint platform. Remark: in some cases SharePoint might not allow changes of some files. ReplaceMagic cannot overcome that limitation set by SharePoint.

  • Set ReplaceMagic comment - per default after check-in/check-out, document publish or unpublish or document approval ReplaceMagic was putting entry in comment field. Now you can disable that ReplaceMagic stores comments or you can specify own text.

  • Use SharePoint retry-after parameter - if you are throttled, SharePoint will send duration when processing cannot continue. By using this parameter (default: selected) ReplaceMagic will stop processing for period defined by SharePoint.

  • Throttling retry-after period - in case you do not want to use defined wait time by SharePoint you can overwrite this setting by using this parameter where you can enter period that ReplaceMagic should stop processing due to throttling. Default value: 120 seconds and this parameter is visible only when "Use SharePoint retry-after parameter" is not selected. If you do not want to wait (which is not recommended) uncheck "Use SharePoint retry-after parameter" and enter 0 for this parameter.

  • HTML Decode/Encode SharePoint pages - use this setting if you have legacy SharePoint pages (like Enteprise Wiki) as content there is HTML encoded thus ReplaceMagic cannot find links (link which normally looks like <a href="some_URL">SomeText</a> will be stored like &lt;a href=&quot;some_URK&quot;&gt;SomeText&lt;/a&gt;&. Use it with caution as wrong decision to use it might corrupt pages.

  • Unicode Decode/Encode SharePoint pages - use this setting if you expect to have some Unicode characters in your SharePoint/Web pages (for example, French letters). Without using this option saving can cause that Unicode characters are improperly converted leading to text corruption. 

    Important: when this option is used some Unicode characters might be converted to corresponding HTML special characters notation which will be part of your pages. For example:


  • SharePoint Legacy Auth Mode - SharePoint supports legacy and modern authentication mode. Depending on your configuration select correct value. Btw. this setting can be set also directly in form where you can enter SharePoint logon details.

  • Max doc ID value (default:30.000.000) - when ReplaceMagic is searching for max. docID this parameter will set up to which number search will go. Max. ID that SharePoint supports is around 30.000.000 thus this value. If in your document library have ID which are smaller to accelerate search you might decrease value of this parameter but to be on a save side you can leave it as it is.

  • Process List Item, Quick Launch and Top Nav Bar? - ReplaceMagic can also make replacement in list item fields of value URL, quick launch and top navigation bar. If this is needed enable this parameter. In case that list item has attachment or you are scanning document libraries (they are also list items) processing of URLs in documents will have priority. To make changes of list item hyperlink fields do not run them with processing of documents in document libraries or list item attachments at the same time.

  • Native SharePoint check of broken link - by selecting this option when check if links are broken or not for documents stored on SharePoint.Online (on-prem versions are not supported) ReplaceMagic will use native SharePoint functionality. Problem is that this will be slow and as for each of links we will need to create SharePoint request this might overload SharePoint leading that Microsoft will throttle complete processing. We do not recommend usage of this option but still want to give decision to you.
    This will work only for links that are inside of same SharePoint site where you connected. If link belongs to some other side check will not work as we do not have authentication for this different site.

    In case that link is point to other site check cannot work as for this other site different SharePoint context is required and we do not  have it. Also this might open need that unlimited number of SharePoint contexts are required which is not feasible.

    Long story short - we have this feature but do not recommend usage of it.

  • Process all skipped documents - By setting this parameter ReplaceMagic will prepare all skipped documents for reprocessing. Without this parameter only documents skipped with following code will be reprocessed:

  • Important:
    • All settings changed by ReplaceMagic during processing will be set back to original values after processing is done.
    • If documents where checked-out and we check them in they will stay checked-in. We cannot check them out with previous user.
    • To be able to keep last modification date, author and editor user used by ReplaceMagic has to belong to Site Administrator Collection. Otherwise we cannot make changes.
    • If you set "Keep content approval" and or "Require versioning?" => prerequisite is that option "Should ReplaceMagic check-out/check-in documents?" is also checked. This is done for security reason to avoid conflicts when working with documents.