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ReplaceMagic Configuration is done over "Configuration" button:

ReplaceMagic Configuration button

How to configure ReplaceMagic

Configuration is split on differrent tabs:

  • Configuration - here you can confgure core options of ReplaceMagic (for example, number of parallel documents to be processed)
  • Processing - consists of options that will be directly used during processing of documents
  • Document Properties - used to control which document propeties will be shown in Scan document results grid and be included in export. Number of fields will be extended constantly
  • Security - consists of options to be used in case that documents are password protected
  • Exports - consists of options that have influence on export functionality
  • Logs - under this tab you can configure what should ReplaceMagic do with log files
  • SharePoint Configuration - used to set parameters important during direct connection with documents stored on SharePoint

All options are described below.

Tab Configuration

  • Import Separator - set what will be splitter between Search&Replace and Passwor strings. In case that you have | as a separator then in import files strings should be in format SearchString|ReplacementString
  • Find documents Import Separator - set what will be separator between fields in Find Documents export file
  • Parallel document processing - this setting configures number of documents that ReplaceMagic will process in parallel. This number is limited by hardware power (CPU, memory, IO) and on each computer can be different. Default is 10 but you can experiment and change this number based on hardware usage during processing. Keep in mind that more does not mean faster - if you set 100 but your computer can process only 20 there will be a lot of CPU waits. Use Task Manager to check hardware usage.
  • Suppress Warning - by setting this ReplaceMagic will show limited number of warnings. This option should be set only if you are experienced ReplaceMagic user.
  • Enforce memory cleaup => by setting this parameter ReplaceMagic will do memory garbage collection every 100 processed documents reducing used memory.
  • Enable results filtering => by setting this after processing result grids will have in first row filter fields where you can define what will be visible. This does not have impact on export as it is always complete no matter on set filter.
  • File size in => used to set in which units file size will be shown in Scan document tab results.
  • Progressbar alignment => possibility to set alignment of text in progress bar
  • % of memory used by ReplaceMagic => used to set % of total memory that ReplaceMagic can utilize. In case that ReplaceMagic is using more memory than available % it will stop processing new documents as long as memory does not decrease below limit.
  • Wait X second(s) for threads to finish in Configuration - this parameter instructs ReplaceMagic to wait X seconds before it writes to Console summary about current processing. Without this parametar might happen that ReplaceMagic writes summary before processing is finished which will lead that some files are not included in summary.
  • Skip files bigger than ... MBytes - in case that some value <>0 is set ReplaceMagic will skip files bigger than that value.
  • Show scannning dashboard => after scanning is done ReplaceMagic will show dashboard with different data like overview of scanned document types or similar
  • Add docs age stats to scanning dashboard => by setting this (btw. Show scanning dashboard has to be enabled) you'll see split of all documents at selected location according to create, last accessed and last modified date
  • Show replacement dashboard => after replacement process ReplaceMagic will show dashboard with replacement overview

Tab Processing

Processing documents with ReplaceMagic configuration

  • Update ReadOnly Documents - this setting will instruct to make changes also in ReadOnly documents
  • Skip Temp files (~$*.*) - sometimes there are Office temporary documents. By setting this ReplaceMagic will skip those documents
  • List processed folders in Console view - by setting this during processing ReplaceMagic will constantly update Console view with currently processed folder
  • List processed documents in Console view - by setting this during processing ReplaceMagic will constantly update Console view with processed documents. This has small performance impact but provides immediate response what is processed.
  • Do not change document attributes - in case if you want to keep document attributes like "Last accessed date", "Last modified date" set this option. If it is set ReplaceMagic will access and possibly change your documents but will keep original document attributes
  • Check does Hyperlink exist? - by selecting this option ReplaceMagic will check do all if found hyperlinks (HTTP and HTTPS) exist. This has performance impact!
  • Check does file link exist? - by selecting this option ReplaceMagic will check do all found files (file links in hyperlinks and OLE links) exist or not
  • Open document with path longer than 260 characters - due to slight performance impact this option is disabled. If needed let us know and we will enable it. Windows has limitation that it cannot open documents if path is longer than 260 characters. To go around this limitation we introduced this feature. If this option is disabled all documents where path is longer than 260 characters will be reported as not accessable.
  • Include file owner name in results - by setting this ReplaceMagic will include file owner in scan document results but also in other result tabs (except Search&Replace tab)
  • Check URL Type - MSXML or Check URL Type - WinHttpRequest - is used to check is found URL link correct or not. In first case (MSXML) library MSXML2.XMLHTTP is used and in second case library WinHttpRequest. Which option to use depends on your network configuration
  • Number of HTTP connections - per default only two connections are used to check is hyperlink ok or not. Over this parametar you can influence how many connections should be used.
  • URLCheck Sleep time parameter is used to set number of miliseconds that ReplaceMagic will wait before remote server response during URLCheck is returned. This is useful in case that there is slow network connection to remote server. Default value is 0.
  • HTTP Request timeout - by seting value for this parameter you can define how long ReplaceMagic will wait on remote server to return info is hyperlink ok or not. If timeout happens ReplaceMagic will report that hyperlink is broken.
  • Skip TextToDisplay in PDF documents (memory decrease) - in case that TextToDisplay is enabled in case of bigger PDF documents memory can grow a lot. To disable this we included this option so ReplaceMagic will skip TextToDisplay.
  • Update Read Folders status (not for productive usage) - by setting this parameter when you click on Scan Documents you'll see documents that are added for processing. Withouh this parameter you'll see only "Reading folders".
    This setting is not recommended for productive usage as has performance impact.
  • Continue replacements after first change? - per default, when first replacement is done (hyperlinks, OLE links, Link Source, Pivot tables) ReplaceMagic will stop processing of already changed link. By setting this parameter ReplaceMagic will try to make change for each search&replacement string which is provided.
  • Ultra fast document scan (no extra data) - with this setting you are instructing ReplaceMagic only to add found documents in Find Documents result table. This will be very fast but you will not get any document content information (hyperlinks, OLE Links, Link Sources or Pivot Tables).
  • Do not change file links if replacement is longer than 235 characters - in case if replacement string is longer than 235 characters change will not be done. Reason is that Office cannot read longer path so it might report that document is corrupted. To avoid that set this parameter.

Tab Document Properties

Select document properties configuration with ReplaceMagic

  • Include file owner name in results/export? - control will file owner be included in Scan documents tab and export
  • Include template name in scan documents results/export (Word)? - control will template name be included in Scan documents tab and export
  • Include template name in scan documents results/export (Word/Powerpoint)? - control will template path be included in Scan documents tab and export

Tab Security

Security settings with ReplaceMagic

  • Password to open document - some documents are password protected; to open them you need a password; use this field to assign password which ReplaceMagic will use when it finds password-protected document
  • Password to change document - some documents have "change mode" password; use this field to provide password that ReplaceMagic will use to unprotect documents
  • Password Import - in case that you have list of passwords, for different documents, you can upload it here and ReplaceMagic will try each of provided password to unprotect processed documents

Passwords import in ReplaceMagic

Search for file with passwords. They have to be in text (ASCII) file in following format:
  • OpenDocumentPassword|UnprotectDocumentPassword
  • For example:
    • My first password to open|my first password to unprotect
    • My second password to open|my second password to unprotect
  • Import Separator from Configuration tab will be used as a separator of passwords
  • After you select password(s) file click on Import Passwords button and you right hand side you will see all imported passwords
  • After clicking on OK button you will get confirmation message and will be back to configuration form


  • Try multiple passwords - to enable ReplaceMagic to use imported list of password this option has to be set.
  • After activating this feature ReplaceMagic will always try all imported passwords when it tries to open password protected document. If none of passwords is correct document will be reported as unavailable.

Tab Exports

Export configuration of ReplaceMagic

  • File Export Type - here you can define export file file format

Tab Logs

Logs configuration within ReplaceMagic

  • Create log file? - by setting this option ReplaceMagic will create log file during scan or search&replace process. Log will have Console tab entries.
  • Always create new log file - by setting this ReplaceMagic will for every scan documents or search&replace create separate log file.
  • Open logs location - will open folder where logs are
  • Logs location - used to show where ReplaceMagic is storing logs
Currently active log file has name like ReplaceMagicLog.log. All older logs will have in addition time stamp in the name

Tab SharePoint Configuration

SharePoint configuration for ReplaceMagic

  • Do not change "Last modified date", "Author" and "Editor" => in case that you want to keep SharePoint properties you'll have to select this option. This will instruct ReplaceMagic to keep last modified date, author and editor.
    If this is not done after making replacement in your documents you'll see that last modification date is changed to date and time when ReplaceMagic made change and that editor is changed to user that you used to login to SharePoint from ReplaceMagic.
    If this option is selected and ReplaceMagic is making changes we will keep all original last modifed date and editor data.
    Important remark: ReplaceMagic can keep original SharePoint data only if user used to login to SharePoint from ReplaceMagic belongs to Site Administrator collection. This is limitation of SharePoint.

  • Should ReplaceMagic check-out/check-in documents? - by selecting this option ReplaceMagic will check-out all documents that we are accessing during replacement process and check them in after replacement is done. This will ensure that documents are block for changes of other users during ReplaceMagic processing.
  • Enforce check-in? (all documents checked-out by other users will be checked-in for processing) - by selecting this option if ReplaceMagic is accessing some document that is check-out by some user ReplaceMagic will check-in that document and make processing. Of course, during processing we will check-out/check-in document.

    Remark: when document is forcefully checked-in ReplaceMagic will enter check-in comment "ReplaceMagic forced check-in".

    In case that this option is not selected and we try to access some of checked-out documents that document will appear in list of not processed documents with comment "Document checked-out by SOME_USERNAME and cannot be changed!". This will give you enough information to understand what is the user blocking document for processing in case that you want to contact that person.

  • Query Row Check (SharePoint default: no more than 5000 files can be read in one pass; use this fields to set your configured limit)
    Per default SharePoint is not allowing that more than 5000 list items are shown/selected. To go around this limitation you'll have to set this parameter specifying when should we merge selection results. This means, if default of 5000 documents is configured, ReplaceMagic will return list of documents in sets of 5000 and always append one set to previously read list of documents. This will allow that we can access also libraries with more than 5000 documents without any limits.

    Btw. as this parameter is configurable please check with your SharePoint administrators to what value you should set this parameter!

  • Important:
    • All settings changed by ReplaceMagic during processing will be set back to original values after processing is done.
    • If documents where checked-out and we check them in they will stay checked-in. We cannot check them out with prevous user.
    • To be able to keep last modification date, author and editor user used by ReplaceMagic has to belong to Site Administrator Collection. Otherwise we cannot make changes.

Download ReplaceMagic Videos: How to use ReplaceMagic

Main drivers for ReplaceMagic (beside to fix your documents) were:

  • No need to open a single document
  • Quick check what is broken
  • Excellent reporting options
  • User friendly interface
  • Good performances
  • Small price for customers

In case of any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.