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Map SharePoint as a drive?

Download ReplaceMagic Videos: How to use ReplaceMagic

In some cases you might need to access SharePoint folders through Windows Explorer. To be able to do that you have to map SharePoint as a normal drive.
There is very good article how to do that for SharePoint Online: Mapping Network Drive for Office 365 and SharePoint Online.
Same approach can be also used for on-premise SharePoint.

Few details what you will get with this approach but also what you will lose:
  • Check-out / Check-in of SharePoint documents => will not work
  • Forced check-in of documents => will not work
  • Number of shown documents are set by SharePoint configuration
  • With native SharePoint integration you can process fils in document libraries, with mapped SharePoint you can process all documents across SharePoint
  • Risk: if you set that all documents should be processed over mapped drive approach you might make changes in core SharePoint files impacting system. We certanly recommend that you test in sandbox environment before you start to process production system.

Download ReplaceMagic Videos: How to use ReplaceMagic

Main drivers for ReplaceMagic in combination of native integration with SharePoint:

  • Native integation with SharePoint (On-Premise and Onsite)
  • ReplaceMagic will keep main document properies
  • ReplaceMagic relies on SharePoint configuration
  • Good performances
  • Competative price for customers

In case of any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.