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select document location for ReplaceMagic processing

Download ReplaceMagic Videos: How to use ReplaceMagic

Befor you can start processing of documents (to find broken links) you will need to specify where your documents are locations. To do that click on
Select location to find broken links in documents

Possible options are (icons from left to right)

1. Select particular file(s) - if you want to check only some particular documents for broken links (maybe after storage migration) click on first icon from left and that will open following form:
Select document(s) for ReplaceMagic scanning

When you find folder where your documents are in list in down left corner you will see all documents in selected folder. Just double-click on some of documents or use button with arrows to select document(s). When you are happy with selection just click on OK button. That will select documents that will be processed by ReplaceMagic.

2. Select folder - second icon from left has to be used to select particular folder. Click there will open new form
Select folder to find broken links

3. Select folders - third icon from left has to be used to select one or multiple folders for processing. Click there will open new form
Select folders to find broken links

Inside of that form you can also set filtering by including some string which will instruct ReplaceMagic to skip files and/or folders containing that word(s). For example, imagine that you have folder structure where in folders having Backup in name you keep backup of documents which you do not want to process. By including word "Backup" and setting that all folders with it should be skipped ReplaceMagic will simply skip those folder and your documents will not be touched.

4. Select SharePoint - last icon from left is to be used if you want to access and process documents stored in SharePoint. We support different SharePoint version (Online or OnPremise)
Select SharePoint location to find broken links

More information about native SharePoint processing can be found HERE

Important: ReplaceMagic can access your SharePoint in 2 ways. First is through native integration like here and in that case ReplaceMagic can check-in/check-out your documents or force check-in if needed but also keep SharePoint dates and editor/author data or second option is that you map SharePoint as a normal drive and then use some of previous 3 icons to specify location where ReplaceMagic should search for your documents. By using second option we cannot work with check-in/check-out and neither keep document properties (date, author/editor) so native integration of SharePoint is certanly better approach.

Download ReplaceMagic Videos: How to use ReplaceMagic

Main drivers for ReplaceMagic (beside to fix your documents) were:

  • No need to open a single document
  • Quick check what is broken
  • Excellent reporting options
  • User friendly interface
  • Good performances
  • Small price for customers

In case of any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.