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export ReplaceMagic results

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One of key values of ReplaceMagic is that the tool will document everything found or done (replacements). To let you keep reference of all activities ReplaceMagic has strong export capabilities which means that everything shown in grid results of ReplaceMagic can be exported.

Imagine that you scanned your documents and set that ReplaceMagic is checking is links are broken. As you should keep that as a reference ReplaceMagic can help. When you finish with some phase (scanning of making replacements) you can export findings:

Export list of scanned documents from ReplaceMagic

Export list of found hyperlinks after scanning documents with ReplaceMagic

Why should you export results:

1. After scanning of documents is done you want to keep list of found files for a future reference

2. Export of hyperlinks (maybe with flag if links are broken or not) is good to share that information with your end-users to align all parties what was broken before the migration

3. Once when you scan documents you can import that list for later processing so that you do not need to scan documents again

4. After you export list of findings you can later manipulate that list and prepare search&replacement strings based on done export

Supported export types are:

Export options in ReplaceMagic

1. Export to Excel
2. Export to CSV
3. Export to PDF
4. Export to HTML

In case of export from Scan Documents tab you have also options like:

Export options from Scan Documents tab in ReplaceMagic

1. Make export for "Import files" (only CSV export) - in case that you want later to import already scanned documents you have to select this option
2. Single export file (all scan results split on different tabs) - this will export results stored under all tabs in one Excel document with one worksheet for each export
3. Single export file (scan results merged in one sheet) - this will create one export document with all results merged in one worksheet

Download ReplaceMagic Videos: How to use ReplaceMagic

Main drivers for export from ReplaceMagic:

  • Create reference of all processed documents
  • Create reference of all links identified in your documents
  • Import of previously scanned documents in ReplaceMagic
  • User friendly interface
  • Good performances
  • Competative price for customers

In case of any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.