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SharePoint Check-In/Check-Out from ReplaceMagic

Download ReplaceMagic Videos: How to use ReplaceMagic

Depending on SharePoint configuration might be required that ReplaceMagic needs to check-out/check-in documents which will be scanned or where ReplaceMagic will make replacements. Of course, ReplaceMagic can do that...

First step is to do configuration of SharePoint parameters for ReplaceMagic. Configuration can be found under Configuration button which is in main ReplaceMagic form:

ReplaceMagic Configuration

When Configuration form is opened go to SharePoint Configuration tab:

SharePoint configuration for ReplaceMagic

SharePoint Check-in/Check-out setting is controlled over parameter "Should ReplaceMagic check-in/check-out documents?". By setting this parameter ReplaceMagic will check-out and then later check-in accessed documents.

Download ReplaceMagic Videos: How to use ReplaceMagic

Main drivers for ReplaceMagic (beside to fix your documents) were:

  • ReplaceMagic can keep document properties of documents stored on SharePoint
  • ReplaceMagic can do SharePoint check-out / check-in
  • ReplaceMagic can forcefully check-in documents that are checked-out
  • Good performances
  • Competative price for customers

In case of any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.