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Scan Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Visio and Project documents for broken hyperlinks, OLE objects,...

Before doing document migration or getting understand which documents have broken hyperlinks, OLE object links, link sources or connections you will need to scan document drives or folders.

Simply enter folder or drive where your Office documents are and press Search button under Find Documents tab. ReplaceMagic will go through all folder and subfolder (if selected) and as an outcome you will get list of all found documents with number of hyperlinks, OLE object links, link sources and connections.

If you go to following tabs you will see list of found links with flag are they broken in found Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Visio or Project documenets.

If you want you can export findings in CSV, HTML, XLS or XLSX document format for further processing.

Also ReplaceMagic can check is each of link broken or not and you can see findings immediatelly after processing is finished.

Click HERE to go to next step in process => Analyze found documents

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