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Frequently Asked Questions

ReplaceMagic is document productivity tool which can help when you need to make chages in your documents.
Imaging that you moved documents to new server and now none of hyperlinks and OLE object links are working. Options are either to manually open each document and make changes in them or to use tool like ReplaceMagic where you will say what is old server name and what is new and let ReplaceMagic make the changes. With ReplaceMagic broken hyperlinks or broken OLE Object links will be fixed without need to open a single document.

ReplaceMagic usage is simple - first you will need to scan folders/servers where your documents are. This will create list of all found documents with hyperlinks, OLE object links, link sources and more. Of course, you can instruct ReplaceMagic immediatelly to check are found links broken or not which can be used as a bases for coming changes.

Afterwards you will need to enter what is string to be found and also what is string to be used as a replacement and to let ReplaceMagic do the jobs.

More information can be found when you click on F1 during application run.

ReplaceMagic supports Microsoft Office document types (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, Project and OneNote), Windows shortcuts (*.LNK), Adobe PDF and text file formats.

We plan to extend ReplaceMagic to support changes in email and Outlook (*.PST and *.OST) files.

Using ReplaceMagic you can make changes in hyperlinks, OLE object, Footnote (Word), Link Sources (Excel & Word), Comments, Field Codes, Text, Connections (Excel), Header, Footer and VBA document areas.

Imagine that you have Word or Excel documents with broken links or Visio or PowerPoint documents with broken OLE Object links => you can use ReplaceMagic to fix them.

ReplaceMagic is supporting Office 2000-2016. We also tested Office 2019 and Office 365 and results were promising. You can try internally all Office formats and, in case of issues, send us email with example document and description what you tried to do.

In case that you have big number of documents to process we are recommending that you either do processing in batches of 250.000 documents at once or that you purchase some of our license packages and install and run ReplaceMagic on multiple number of computers. ReplaceMagic can process huge number of documents at once but you might see slowdown in processing speed (depends mainly on your hardware and complexity of documents).

Here are few scenarios where ReplaceMagic is perfect fit:

* Fix broken links in Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Visio or Project documents

* Fix broken OLE object in Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Visio or Project documents

* Make changes in VBA coding in Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Visio or Project documents

* Replace hyperlinks after server migration

* Your links are broken after folders restructuring

* Documents are broken after movement to SharePoint and you need to fix Office document links

* Your company changed address - header and footer in documents can be fixed with ReplaceMagic

* SharePoint migration - migration to SharePoint Online or to on premise version or, maybe, SharePoint tenant migration

* and many more...

License agreement is part of ReplaceMagic installation but you can find it also HERE.

We offer very competative packages:

• Package 2 - 5-user license is 2 times the single-license price

• Package 3 - 10-user license is 3 times the single-license price

• Package 4 - 20-user license is 4 times the single-license price

• Site Package - Site license is 5 times the single-license price

• Enterprise Package - Enterprise license is 8 times the single-license price

Each of packages is connected with number of licenses that you order. This means that during purchase process you will simply need to select appropriate number of licenses. After making purchase you are automatically entitled to install on number of computers which is supported by number of licenses that you purchased

• Site license is for unlimited number of installations in one company (site license covers only company that bought ReplaceMagic no matter is there any other connected company)

• Enterprise license is for unlimited number of installations in company worldwide (all companies connected to same group are covered)

To order any of our products you can go either to SHOP page or if you visit any of product pages (for example, ReplaceMagic.Office) you can jump to shop page.

By clicking on "BUY NOW" you will be redirected to our payment processor partner ShareIT where you have to enter your data to make purchase.

After making payment over ShareIT you will be redirected back to ReplaceMagic site and in, usually, few seconds you will receive ShareIT email with license data.

All in all purchase process usually takes only few minutes.

In case that you have any question about ReplaceMagic please do not hesitate to contact us over this form.