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ReplaceMagic - Premium Support


Premium Support We offer premium support which beside email support (part of all licenses) includes also phone and/or screen sharing sessions with ReplaceMagic team. To purchase it you can do that from here (click HERE) or from our shop page. Important is that in quantity field in purchase form you'll need to enter how many support hours you will need (price per hour is $150).

For example, by entering in quantity field 2 you will buy 2 hours of premium support.
OnCall Duty Example for OnCall duty: you are running migration and fixing of links over the weekend starting on Saturday 00:00 UTC with planned finish time Sunday 00:00 UTC. To have ReplaceMagic team available, we offer OnCall duty which is reserving team for needed period.
Price for OnCall hour is $50/hour and in case that we are called there is surcharge for working hours of $100/hour
Example calculation:
  • OnCall ordered for 24h, price is 24x$50 = $1200
  • ReplaceMagic team called and worked 5h, price is 5x$100 = $500
  • Total price: $1200 + $500 = $1700

As this had to be aligned in advance with us (we might not have capacity) please contact ReplaceMagic team over support[@]replacemagic.com as soon as you have timelines for your activities.
Standard Support With every purchased ReplaceMagic license we offer standard support which includes email support with response time of 24h during working days.

Remark: In case that you need premium support please contact us over support[@]replacemagic.com so that we can setup a call with you. To save time that you have with premium support please prepare your question in advance as this is in your interest. Any started hour of premium support is counted as a full hour.

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