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  • Repair documents after Sharepoint migration
    Need to fix documents
    after migration?
    ReplaceMagic is right tool for this task
    Fix document links after Sharepoint migration or changes on your network
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    Fix document links after migration
  • Fix broken links in Excel documents
    Powerfull & Easy to use
    Multi documents processing at once
    Use ReplaceMagic to make changes in documents without opening a single file!
    Repair broken links in Word documents
    Storage migration and broken document links
    Repair Excel links after file system migration
    Repair link sources in Excel documents
    Repair OLE links in Word
    Repair OLE links in Excel
  • Fix broken Powerpoint links
    What documents are
    Complete solution to change your Office documents!
    Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project, Visio, OneNote, PDF, Windows Shortcuts and text
    document types
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    Repair broken links in Word documents
    Fix links in Excel
    Repair links in PDF documents
    Update links in Powerpoint documents
    Fix broken hyperlinks in Visio documents
    Repair links in OneNote documents
    Project - fix broken links
    Windows Shortcuts link fixer tool
    Email EML and MSG change broken links
Supported document types

ReplaceMagic supports replacements in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project, Visio, OneNote, Windows shortcuts, PDF and any text (ASCII) documents stored in different locations like SharePoint (after O365 migration).

Server migration, folder restructuring, SharePoint migration, O365 migration, file system changes -> ReplaceMagic can help you fix broken links in documents but also in SharePoint pages (Wiki, Canvas or .aspx)

ReplaceMagic supports native integration with SharePoint (OnPremise and Online) incl. SharePoint MFA. Fix broken links in documents stored on SharePoint or O365, keep meta data like last modification date and editor.

ReplaceMagic - The Most Complete document manipulation tool available.

You have broken hyperlinks, OLE object links, Link Sources... in your Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Visio, Project, OneNote or PDF documents. Fix broken links using friendly ReplaceMagic design. Simple enter search and replacement string and let ReplaceMagic fix broken documents.

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If you move documents, complete folders or even servers most likely hyperlinks/links in your documents will not work any more or your header and footer are with company address but you changed your office, ReplaceMagic can hep fix wrong data in any of those two cases.

As ReplaceMagic is making changes in documents without need that you open, do manipulation, save, close and open new document complete scan & replacement process is very fast. We are also working on new ReplaceMagic version that will allow parallel processing of documents bringing significant performance improvement.

Next ReplaceMagic versions will support also Email/Outlook changes

Scan documents

In first phase let ReplaceMagic scan your documents. This will show you how many links you have and also reveal how they look like. Of course, findings can be exported in different formats for reporting purposes.


Use created reports to decide what would be the best strategy to make changes in your documents. ReplaceMagic team can always assist during your document migration projects.

Make replacements

You know what is broken and also what would be your replacements, great, run ReplaceMagic and let it fix your broken links based on your requirements.

Supported documents

Currently supported document types (Microsoft Office + Adobe PDF + Windows Shortcuts + any TXT (HTML, JavaScript, ...))